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About Us

This site began many years ago as a labor of love by a dear soul named Kathy J. Worthington. Kathy was an advocate who fought tirelessly for the rights of many people, including those seeking to leave the Mormon Church on their own terms, without punishment or persecution from church 'leaders.' Tens of thousands of people have used and benefited from the resources that Kathy published on the Mormon No More website.

Sadly, Kathy passed away in 2009. You can read more about Kathy in her biography and her obituary. Kathy's family is not affiliated with Mormon No More, and for a time after her passing, Mormon No More was offline. Several former Mormons now maintain Kathy's legacy of support and activism with MormonNoMore.com, where we strive to help other people who seek to leave the Mormon Church. We welcome your feedback and any comments about your own experiences resigning from the Mormon Church.

Please note that Mormon No More is not a legal service and does not give legal advice. We are advocates dedicated to informing Mormons about their legal right to resign, according to American law. We welcome your comments and feedback.

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